10 Habits for excellent dental health

No one wants to feel self-conscious when being asked to smile for a picture or when they are happy. No one wants dentures either. Keeping your teeth healthy will not just maintain teeth in the short term, but also improve your confidence. You also won’t have to invest as much in dental care in the long-term, which can become seriously expensive if neglected. Here is a list of 10 habits for excellent dental health.

Healthy smile
  1. Drink plenty of water
  • Rinsing your mouth with every sip. Drinking water washes away leftover food and dilutes acids produced by bacteria in your mouth.
  • Water will also prevent a dry mouth, making your teeth less susceptible to tooth decay


  1. Avoid sugar
  • Avoid soft drinks and sweets, pastries, crisps, refined foods such as white bread; the sugar content will weaken your teeth and cause cavities


  1. Avoid smoking
  • Smoking stains your teeth and causes bad breath aside from other health risks such as lung cancer


  1. Eat natural foods
  • A balanced diet that includes fruit and vegetables will provide the necessary nutrition to build and strengthen tooth enamel alongside a variety of other health benefits.
  • In addition, firm and crisp foods such as apple, celery, raw carrots and even popcorn act as natural cleaning agents for your teeth whilst eating and promote good oral hygiene.


  1. Take care of your brush
  • Replace every three months or after illness or when bristles become frayed
  • Rinse after use and store in an upright position in a dry place. Brushes that remain moist become a breeding ground for microorganisms and bacteria that will have the opposite effect of cleaning your teeth
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  1. Brushing your tongue
  • Brushing you tongue helps fight bacteria and bad breath


  1. Brushing your teeth
  • Brush in a small circular motion
  • Use soft bristles as these are least harsh on your teeth when brushing
  • Use a gentle touch when brushing to avoid removing precious enamel from your teeth
  • Avoid eating for the next 30min


  1. Flossing
  • To get to those hard to reach places between your teeth that your brush cannot always reach, especially just beneath the gum line
  • Floss at least once daily after brushing or when necessary


  1. Using Mouthwash
  • Similar to flossing, mouthwash helps get into the difficult to reach places between your teeth. Just make sure it is alcohol-free. Find out how to make your own here.
  • You can also drink or gargle with apple cider vinegar, which helps remove stains and kill bacteria for a clean and fresh mouth


  1. Annual check-up at the dentist
  • They are ultimately the experts and can advise you on whether you are on the right track in terms of your oral hygiene and propose solutions for keeping your teeth healthy.

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