Our Story


How do we create a world without waste?

How do we live in harmony with our environment and preserve it?

Cliff bamboo and holder
For years our founder Alex Smith was captivated by these questions. Having to see on a daily basis how much plastic he sent to landfill made him rethink his lifestyle and prompted him to solve this problem.
He was influenced when he came across the work of Lauren Singer – an environmental student that had pursued a zero-waste lifestyle since 2013.
He started making similar changes to make his lifestyle more sustainable.
The next challenge was how to encourage other people to adopt the same approach to minimise their waste. The key obstacle to overcome would be to convince people to opt for sustainable alternatives without having to compromise on what they would normally expect from everyday products such as quality and good price. He realised that awareness is the first step. The second is to make sustainable goods the more cost-effective and convenient option.
Pink and green theme bamboo
He started thinking about products that we use in our daily lifestyle and don’t give much thought to its disposal. The answer – many household items, but things need to be taken one step at a time. He began researching and found that someone had come up with the concept of developing bamboo toothbrushes - a simple yet effective alternative to conventional toothbrushes that are just sent to landfill every year.
Thus the idea of Simply Bamboo was born. With this natural toothbrush we hope to change the world by putting a bamboo toothbrush in the hands of each and every person one household at a time.
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