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A Natural Alternative

To fight plastic pollution

Beautifully South African Designed

The First of its kind

Make a difference today

By reducing your waste

Simply Bamboo Toothbrush


Finally a South African bamboo toothbrush!

I feel like I am actually making a difference by using this brush instead of a plastic one.

This one feels even better than my previous bamboo toothbrush. I love my Simply Bamboo brush!

Key Features

100% Biodegradable Handle

Our brush handles are naturally antibacterial, water-resistant, 100% biodegradable with a sleek and high quality, ergonomic design.

Fine Charcoal Bristles

Our charcoal-infused nylon bristles  come in soft and medium. The slim bristles enable more comfortable and effective cleaning between your teeth.

Adult and Child sizes

We offer both adult and child brush sizes. Our Kids toothbrush has the same specs as our Adult toothbrush, but just has a shorter handle (14cm) and smaller head for easier handling for children.

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