Why Us

Here are 5 reasons why

1. We think differently

Our vision: To create a world without waste
Our mission: To enable people to reduce waste in their daily lives
Our brand is about thinking differently and making a difference.

2. Our local roots

We are small local initiative that wants to rid the world of plastic toothbrushes and are the first local brand in the country. 

In South Africa, a country with 60 million people, one could say that approximately 240 million conventional plastic toothbrushes are thrown away and sent to landfill each year. Globally 3.5 billion are thrown away, which amounts to 35 000 tons of waste per year conservatively, as the average manual toothbrush weighs 10g-20g. These plastic toothbrushes can’t be recycled and do not biodegrade. This means that they end up in landfill or in our oceans; impacting our environment by contaminating the soil and groundwater and being ingested by wildlife. This contributes to the death of millions of land and marine wildlife each year. 

Bamboo is a sustainable alternative that has minimal impact on the environment to grow and make into products. Simply bamboo’s natural toothbrush is made from sustainably grown MOSO bamboo - this bamboo variety is not one eaten by pandas and as such does not impact their food security. In addition, it can grow back at rates as much as approx. 1 metre per day.

We have an obligation to preserve our beautiful planet for future generations.

Switch to Bamboo today.


3. Our ergonomic design

Our Simply Bamboo Toothbrushes are the first to be proudly South African designed. We’ve focused on providing you with a sleek high quality and ergonomic design– aiming to give you a toothbrush that looks good, feels good to hold, and most importantly feels good on your teeth. Not to mention, the handle 100% biodegradable and eliminates about 94% of the waste created by conventional plastic toothbrushes.

We have variants made for both adults and children for a comfortable brushing experience. The adult handle is 19cm long, whereas the kid's handle is 14cm long.

4. Our soft, fine, charcoal-infused bristles

We have used soft bristles, as these come recommended by dentists, due to the fact that they are less abrasive on your teeth and gums, allowing you to gently clean your mouth. No more gum bleeds.

Our fine bristles are purposefully not all uniform in length. Coupled with their slim-tips they offer more precise cleaning that get to those hard-to-reach places deep between your teeth and along the gum line.

The charcoal infusion in our bristles allows for better absorption of bacteria and plaque, as well as a reduction of stains for whiter and cleaner teeth.


5. The many benefits of bamboo

  • Naturally biodegrable
  • Bamboo is naturally antibacterial and water resistant
  • It is strong, light and durable
  • An excellent alternative to plastic
  • Embracing a cradle-to-cradle design – meaning that our brush returns to the soil from which it originally came
  • Bamboo is a type of grass that grows back rapidly for sustainable consumption
  • Bamboo requires little water and no pesticides
  • Harvesting can be done without any resulting deforestation or habitat destruction
  • There is no impact on Panda's either. They don't eat MOSO bamboo.