Why a plant based life is better for your teeth, body and planet

Author : Jody Calitz

I think for most of my life growing up, I heard the phrase....”if you want strong bones and teeth, you must drink your milk”! I believed it, I didn’t know any better.

But, as time has moved on and I have learned more and have become exposed to more truths and lies, it turns out dairy isn’t actually the healthiest option for strong bones and teeth. In actual fact, dairy is one of the worst options for a healthy body.

Unfortunately, the majority of our dairy today is mass produced (there are exceptions of some amazing independent environmentally conscious farmers out there), but for the majority, it’s mass production. And with that come consequences like huge amounts of hormones, steroids and antibiotics in our foods.

Dairy is one of the highest carriers of these toxic substances and it gets transferred from animal to consumer. All these little amounts add up and very soon, you are sitting with huge health issues. These toxins can contribute to problems like poor digestion, stomach ulcers, kidney infections, low immune system, food allergies, IBS, tooth decay, and it can get really bad to the point of diabetes and cancer.

SO, why is a modern day meat & dairy diet not good for your body, teeth or environment?

Well firstly, the modern day diet contains 3 times more meat and meat products than what it should. Along with that, today’s modern diet contains also large amounts of highly processed products and huge amounts of sugar and sugar laden foods. Meat, dairy (especially dairy), sugar, preservatives, additives and other processed products are very high in acidity.

And what happens to the acidity levels get too high? It starts to corrode away at our bodies. Literally, like acid eating away through metal, that is what these foods do to our bodies.

The one way the body tries to counter act this problem is by neutralizing it through minerals which is leaches out of the bones and teeth, making them weak and brittle.

It can become a viscous circle and very soon problem, after problem, after problem will arise.

So what is the solution?

An alkaline plant-based diet. Foods that are natural, wholesome and fresh, just like nature intended; it is as simple as that. Removing as much as possible of these acid forming foods can literally turn your health around. When you change from an acid to alkaline diet, the following will happen

  • Allergies disappear
  • Digestion improves
  • Blood sugar levels improve & stabilize
  • Cholesterol levels improve
  • Teeth and bones strengthen
  • Skin and hair quality improve
  • Risk of dreaded diseases are decreased dramatically
  • And your body will become stronger, leaner and healthier over all.....just by converting to a plant based way of living.

TO find out how and what to eat for an Alkaline plant based Anti-inflammatory diet, CLICK HERE

The other bonus is that is does WONDERS for the environment! Yes, you can help slow down global warming, stop huge amounts of water wastage & prevent tons of highly toxic chemicals from being thrown into our ocean by just converting to a plant based life.

The images below help give some clarity to the extent the impact can be made.

The options for incredible plant based foods and recipes are endless, so taste, flavour and variety will never be a problem! So to improve the health of your teeth, bones, body & earth, embrace the greener side of life. Go veggie!

Jody Calitz is a Women’s Holistic Health Expert & plant based Nutritionist. To find out more about her & what she does, visit

Website: www.jodycalitz.com

Instagram: @jodyc_myveganlife

Facebook: @jodycmyveganlife

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