The reason we no longer stock the Natural Scrub Pad

We sometimes receive questions about our Natural Scrub Pad made of coconut fibre (also known as coir) and if we still stock it. Unfortunately, we no longer do for the time being here is why:



We are always looking to enable people to move as closely to zero waste as possible and making this convenient and affordable. We saw that in many households we still opt for the standard synthetic sponges and scourers. These are cheap and last for quite a while. However, the manufacturing process and the durability of these options is tied to the use of plastics and chemicals. There are metal scourers, but even these require intense chemical treatment, ultimately causing environmental harm. In an effort to provide a sustainable and durable alternative for kitchen scrubs and sponges, in 2018 we tested out coconut fibre scrub pads - many of you purchased these. This was not without its own obstacles.



We realised that the design of the scrub pads did not live up to our high quality standards. This mainly due to the fact that we used natural latex to bind the coconut fibre together, which we felt was more conscious choice compared to other brands that use synthetic latex. The natural latex limited how intensively the pad could be used – not an option if you are scouring dirty pots and pans with stubborn stains. It worked great as a loofah alternative for bathrooms (obviously using a separate scrub pad and not the same one J). Ultimately, the fibres came loose and the pad did not retain its desired structure for as long as expected.



We embarked on improving the pad’s durability and developed a new design that extended the pad’s useful life, but even this was not enough. Extra fibres were used to weave the pads together. We also improved our packaging to make it easier to recycle.

Even later a different design was chosen.


Final call 

In the end, we realised that we did not want to introduce a pad that could not live up to our or your expectations from us. For this reason, we decided to discontinue the scrub pads and replace them with a more durable product. Enter our bamboo pot brush, which is available in our store. It is far more durable and completely plant based.

Looking forward

The whole process is an unfortunate reality that comes with testing alternatives to make zero waste lifestyles a reality. We continue to explore new alternatives for everyday items that don’t make you feel like you are sacrificing quality or convenience or paying an exorbitant amount. We ask for your help in providing us with feedback so that we can ensure your satisfaction on top of providing as eco-friendly a product as possible.
We thank you for your continued support and look forward to ongoing collaboration and making a meaningful impact on the world.

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